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  • Authors: Mahmu, Reyhanoglu; Geer, De Cubber;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    This book presents recent studies of unmanned robotic systems and their applications. With its five chapters, the book brings together important contributions from renowned international researchers. Unmanned autonomous robots are ideal candidates for applications such as rescue missions, especially in areas that are difficult to access. Swarm robotics (multiple robots working together) is another exciting application of the unmanned robotics systems, for example, coordinated search by an interconnected group of moving robots for the purpose of finding a source of hazardous emissions. These robots can behave like individuals working in a group without a centralized control.

  • Authors: Abdülkerim, Gok;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy is expected to be the world's largest source of electricity in the future. To enhance the long-term reliability of PV modules, a thorough understanding of failure mechanisms is of vital importance. In addition, it is important to address the potential downsides to this technology. These include the hazardous chemicals needed for manufacturing solar cells, especially for thin-film technologies, and the large number of PV modules disposed of at the end of their lifecycles. This book discusses the reliability and environmental aspects of PV modules.

  • Authors: Devinde, Singh; Simona, Condurache-Bota;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    In the quantitative determination of new structures, micro-/nano-crystalline materials pose significant challenges. The different properties of materials are structure-dependent. Traditionally, X-ray crystallography has been used for the analysis of these materials. Electron diffraction is a technique that complements other techniques; for example, single crystal X-ray diffraction and powder X-ray diffraction for determination of structure. Electron diffraction plays a very important role when crystals are very small using single crystal X-ray diffraction or very complex for structure solution by powder X-ray diffraction. With the introduction of advanced methodologies, important methods for crystal structural analysis in the field of electron crystallography have been discovered, s...

  • Authors: Gustavo Fano, Walter; Razzitte, Adrian;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    The purpose of this book is to study the interaction of electromagnetic waves, and the application of direct current signals in different media, with topics that have very important applications in science and technology today. The media where the interaction occurs are various, such as dispersive media, conductors, biological tissues of animals, and other media. The constitutive relationships that link the electric and magnetic fields with the densities of electric and magnetic flux are used, and the concepts of electrical conductivity and permittivity, electric field, magnetic field, voltage, power, energy, and heat are also covered.

  • Authors: Sher, Bahadar Khan; Abdullah M., Asiri; Kalsoom, Akhtar;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    This book focuses on the applications of nanomaterials in the fabrication of gas sensors. It covers recent developments of different materials used to design gas sensors, such as conducting polymers, semiconductors, as well as layered and nanosized materials. The widespread applications of various gas sensors for the detection of toxic gases are also discussed. The book provides a concise but thorough coverage of nanomaterials applications and utilization in gas sensors. In addition, it overviews recent developments in and the fabrication of gas sensors and their attributes for a broad audience, including beginners, graduate students, and specialists in both academic and industrial sectors.

  • Authors: Rafael, Vargas-Bernal; Peng, He; Shuye, Zhang;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    Two of the hottest research topics today are hybrid nanomaterials and flexible electronics. As such, this book covers both topics with chapters written by experts from across the globe. Chapters address hybrid nanomaterials, electronic transport in black phosphorus, three-dimensional nanocarbon hybrids, hybrid ion exchangers, pressure-sensitive adhesives for flexible electronics, simulation and modeling of transistors, smart manufacturing technologies, and inorganic semiconductors.

  • Authors: Aydin, Azizi;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    The purpose of this special issue is to help better understand how mechatronics will impact on the practice and research of developing advanced techniques to model, control, and optimize complex systems. The special issue presents recent advances in mechatronics and related technologies, including: automatic control, robotics, agent-based systems, smart manufacturing, and Industry 4.0.

  • Authors: Kim, Ho Yeap; Jonathan, Javier Sayago Hoyos;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    In this book, a variety of topics related to microchips are extensively illustrated. The topics encompass the physics of operation of the microchip device, as well as its design methods and applications

  • Authors: R. Jahn, Gary;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    The Russian text of “The Death of Ivan Ilich” is presented for study in various formats: accompanied by an English translation; fully glossed, with explanatory and interpretive annotations; and supplemented by introductory remarks and an extensive bibliography.

  • Authors: Steven, W. Ellingson;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    Electromagnetics, volume 2 by Steven W. Ellingson is a 216-page peer-reviewed open textbook designed especially for electrical engineering students in the third year of a bachelor of science degree program. It is intended as the primary textbook for the second semester of a two-semester undergraduate engineering electromagnetics sequence. The book addresses magnetic force and the Biot-Savart law; general and lossy media; parallel plate and rectangular waveguides; parallel wire, microstrip, and coaxial transmission lines; AC current flow and skin depth; reflection and transmission at planar boundaries; fields in parallel plate, parallel wire, and microstrip transmission lines; optical fiber; and radiation and antennas.