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dc.contributor.authorPatrizio, Angelini-
dc.contributor.authorSteven, Chaplick-
dc.contributor.authorSabine, Cornelsen-
dc.descriptionCC BYvi
dc.description.abstractA morph is a continuous transformation between two representations of a graph. We consider the problem of morphing between contact representations of a plane graph. In an F-contact representation of a plane graph G, vertices are realized by internally disjoint elements from a family F of connected geometric objects. Two such elements touch if and only if their corresponding vertices are adjacent. These touchings also induce the same embedding as in G. In a morph between two F-contact representations we insist that at each time step (continuously throughout the morph) we have an F-contact
dc.subjectF-contact representationvi
dc.titleMorphing Triangle Contact Representations of Triangulationsvi
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