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dc.contributor.authorFarghali, Mohamed-
dc.contributor.authorOsman, Ahmed I.-
dc.description.abstractNew technologies, systems, societal organization and policies for energy saving are urgently needed in the context of accelerated climate change, the Ukraine conflict and the past coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. For instance, concerns about market and policy responses that could lead to new lock-ins, such as investing in liquefied natural gas infrastructure and using all available fossil fuels to compensate for Russian gas supply cuts, may hinder decarbonization efforts. Here we review energy-saving solutions with a focus on the actual energy crisis, green alternatives to fossil fuel heating, energy saving in buildings and transportation, artificial intelligence for sustainable energy, and implications for the environment and
dc.subjectcontext of the energy crisisvi
dc.titleStrategies to save energy in the context of the energy crisis: a reviewvi
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