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  • Authors: Huy L. Xuan;  Advisor: Tam D. Duc; Anh M. Thuy; Phuong M. Chau; Truong T. Tung;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    Polybia-MP1 is a well-known natural antimicrobial peptide that has been intensively studied recently due to its therapeutic potential. MP1 exhibited not only potent antibacterial activity but also antifungal and anticancer properties. More importantly, MP1 shows relatively low hemolytic activity compared to other antimicrobial peptides having a similar origin. Thus, besides investigating possible mechanisms of action, great efforts have been invested to develop this peptide to become more “druggable”. In this review, we summarized all the chemical approaches, both success and failure, that using MP1 as a lead compound to create modified analogs with better pharmacological properties. ...