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  • Authors: Tran, Vu Diem Ngoc;  Advisor: Lai, Hoang Vu; Le, Van Vinh; Nguyen, Ba Hung; Pham, Ky Nam; Dinh, Thi Hinh;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    This study investigated the structure evolution, surface morphology, dielectric properties, ferroelectric properties, piezoelectric properties, and electromechanical strain properties of lead-free (Bi0.5−xLax)(Na0.41K0.09)TiO3 piezoelectric ceramics. All samples were fabricated by a traditional solid-state synthesis. The effects of La3+-isovalent substituted on Bi3+-site of the Bi0.5Na0.41K0.09TiO3 system were examined. The addition of La doping in the Bi0.5Na0.41K0.09TiO3 ceramics induced the second phase of K4Ti3O8 and a crystal structural change from the rhombohedral and tetragonal phase to a pseudocubic phase. All samples show similar grain morphology and dense microstructure with...