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  • Authors: Tung Pham Huu;  Advisor: Tam Ninh Thi-Thanh; Chi Nguyen-Yen; Hung Tran; Viet Nguyen Dinh; Van Nhan Vo;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    In this paper, we analyze the secrecy outage probability (SOP) and the fairness of average packet transmission time for a non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system which consists of a base station (BS) and two legal NOMA users in the presence of an eavesdropper (Eve). In order to extract the superimposed signal, the Eve is considered in two modes, i.e., successive interference cancellation (SIC) mode and parallel interference cancellation (PIC) mode. Accordingly, we analyze the secrecy performance of the considered system by deriving a new exact expression for SOP. Furthermore, the optimal power allocation between two legal users is determined such that the average transmission tim...