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  • Authors: Gaetan Gildas Gnyamsi, Nkuigwa; Hermann Djeugoue, Nzeuga; J. S. Armand Eyebe, Fouda;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    This paper presents a multiplierless image-cipher, with extendable 2048-bit key-space, based on a 4-dimensional (4D) quantized piece-wise linear cat map (PWLCM). The quantized PWLCM exhibits limit-cycles of 4-bit encoded integers with periods greater than 107. The synthesis of the PWLCM in a finite state space allows to eliminate the undesirable finite precision effect due to the hardware realization. The proposed image-cipher combines chaos, modular arithmetic, and lattice-based cryptography to encrypt a color image by performing pixel permutation and diffusion in a single operation. Further, an image-dependent confusion operation based on an 8-bit 2D-PWLCM is performed on the whole ...