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  • Authors: García-Ávila, Fernando; Galarza-Guamán, Andrés; Barros-Bermeo, Mónica;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    This research aimed to evaluate the efficiency of eucalyptus (E) and bamboo (B) residual biomass biochars as filter materials for drinking water treatment. The efficiencies of these two biochars in the rapid filtration process were evaluated using water (raw, flocculated and settled) at the rate of 120 m3/m2/d. Finding that bamboo biochar manufactured under a slow pyrolysis process "b" (Bb) had the best performance. Subsequently, Bb was evaluated with three different granulometries, and it was found that the effective size with the best performance was the finest (0.6–1.18 mm).