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  • Authors: Duc-Nam Nguyen; Van-Tuan Nguyen; Ich-Hung Dam; Van-Huong Vu;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2022)

    A large number of piezoelectric polymers have been studied and applied widely recently and become an attractive topic in both material science and applied engineering fields. Piezoelectric polymers such as Poly(vinyl fluoride) and Poly(γ-benzyl, L-glutamate) fabricated in nanofibers have shown impressive properties in the aspect of low weight, high flexibility and high piezoelectricity. One of the major parameters influencing to the piezoelectricity of electrospun fibers is the orientation. This paper reviews the contribution of fiber orientation to the piezoelectricity properties and the technique to manipulate the orientation. The research group introduces for the first time a fully...