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  • Authors: Tabata, Chihiro; Osada, Toshio; Yokokawa, Tadaharu;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    To clarify the effect of solution heat-treatment on the oxidation resistance of Ni-base single-crystal superalloy TMS-238, the evaluation of dendrite/inter-dendrite segregation of alloying elements in the as-cast and heat-treated samples, and its effect on cyclic oxidation resistance were investigated. Cyclic oxidation test results at 1100 °C for up to 150 cycles clearly showed that the as-cast samples with element segregations had lower oxidation resistance compared to heat-treated samples with homogeneous structure. Further, for the as-cast sample, rapid growth and spallation of oxide consisting of NiO, Cr2O3, and Al2O3 were observed around the dendrite core for 10 cycles of oxidati...