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  • Authors: Murakami, Tatsuya; Nguyen, Thuan Dinh; Xi, Xuteng;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Blast furnace ironmaking produces a reducing and carburizing atmosphere in the blast furnace which may lead to metal dusting. However, there is limited research on metal dusting under this particular atmosphere. This paper investigated metal dusting behaviors of ferritic Fe-(10, 20, 25)Cr and austenitic Fe-20Cr-(20, 33)Ni, Fe-25Cr-20Ni (wt.%) alloys at 550 and 650 °C in an Ar-33CO-7H2-7CO2-2H2O (vol.%) gas simulating a blast furnace operating condition. A relatively short reaction time, up to 100 h, was used to evaluate the initial stage of metal dusting of these alloys in the blast furnace gas condition. Severe metal dusting and coke deposition were observed at 550 °C, while no signi...