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  • Authors: Juan M. González-Caballín, Sánchez; A., Meana-Fernández; J. C., Ríos-Fernández;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Energy saving in existing buildings is of vital importance. In this work, the characterization of housing stock in Spain for energy retrofitting purposes has been performed. The regulations in force when the existing stock was constructed (1980–2007) were considered to model the envelope and thermal systems of single-family and block housing. Building energy consumption and CO2 emissions were estimated for each type of dwelling and location, ranging from 44.2 to 130.6 kWh/(m2·year) (13.6–32 kg CO2/(m2·year)) for multi-family homes, and 85.5 to 213.5 kWh/(m2·year) (17.1–45.2 kg CO2/(m2·year)) for single-family homes. A global picture of the energy performance and emissions for 13 diffe...