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  • Authors: Abdullah H. Alshehri; Jhi Yong Loke; Viet Huong Nguyen; Alexander Jones; Hatameh Asgarimoghaddam; Louis-Vincent Delumeau; Ahmed Shahin; Khaled H. Ibrahim; Kissan Mistry; Mustafa Yavuz; David Muñoz-Rojas; Kevin P. Musselman;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    Nanoscale films are integral to all modern electronics. To optimize device performance, researchers vary the film thickness by making batches of devices, which is time-consuming and produces experimental artifacts. Thin films with nanoscale thickness gradients that are rapidly deposited in open air for combinatorial and high-throughput (CHT) studies are presented. Atmospheric pressure spatial atomic layer deposition reactor heads are used to produce spatially varying chemical vapor deposition rates on the order of angstroms per second. ZnO and Al2O3 films are printed with nm-scale thickness gradients in as little as 45 s and CHT analysis of a metal-insulator-metal diode and perovskite...