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  • Authors: Ngo, Trong Hai; V. S. Luong; Ramesh, Chandra Bhatt; Lin-Xiu Ye; Te-ho Wu; Lance Horng; Jong-Ching Wu;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2022)

    It is commonly known that the coercivity (Hc) of the rare-earth/transition-metal (RE–TM) compound is tuned based on the varying RE content as compared to the TM component. The drawback of this approach is that the Hc changes are permanent. In this work, we investigate the coercivity behaviors of the GdFeCo/Hf/MgO heterostructure where the heavy metal Hf layer is inserted in the middle not only to convert charge current into spin current but also to prevent the oxygen diffusion effect. A strong geometry dependence of coercivity detected on Hall bar devices is attributed to the intrinsic properties of GdFeCo and elucidates that the oxidation issue from MgO on GdFeCo is prevented.