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  • Authors: Do, T. Nga; Katsunori, Wakabayashi; Vu, D. Lam; Lilia, M. Woods; Katsunori, Wakabayashi; Anh, D. Phan;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    The photothermal energy conversion in hanging and floating polyaniline (PANi)-cotton fabrics is investigated using a model based on the heat diffusion equation. Perfect absorption and anti-reflection of wet hanging PANi-cotton fabrics cause quick transfer of total incident light into water confining nearly 100% of the sunlight. As a result, a hanging membrane is found to have more attractive properties than a floating above water fabric. We find, however, that the photothermal properties of a floating PANi-cotton membrane can greatly be enhanced by dispersing TiN nanoparticles in the water below the fabric. The calculated temperature gradients for TiN nanoparticle solutions show that ...