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  • Authors: Qianhong, Zhang; Miao, Ouyang; Bairong, Pan;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2022)

    Here the parameters A,B∈R+F and the initial values x0,x−1∈R+F. Utilizing a generalization of division (g-division) of fuzzy numbers, we obtain some sufficient condition on the qualitative features including boundedness, persistence, and convergence of positive fuzzy solution of the model, Moreover two simulation examples are presented to verify our theoretical analysis.
  • Authors: Green, Judith; Thorogood, Nicki;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2004)

    There are a number of excellent introductory textbooks available on qualitative research, so the decision to produce yet another one perhaps needs justifying. We have written this one in response to frequent requests from our students,v who are predominantly postgraduates with considerable professional experience but little prior knowledge of the social sciences. They come from almost all countries in the world, and want an introduction to qualitative methods that is sensitive to the practicalities of doing sound research on health topics in a wide variety of settings. Although the principles of research design and conduct may be the same wherever it is happening, and whatever the top...
  • Authors: Vinh-Hung Tran; Tat-Tai Truong; Khac-Khanh Bui; Hong-Ky Le;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2022)

    Mechanical elements with freeform surfaces are very common in aerospace, automotive, mold and die industries. With increasing demand for higher quality of freeform surfaces in many different applications, quality monitoring and evaluation of freeform surfaces have become of great concern in modern manufacturing. In this study, quality evaluation of a freeform surface manufactured by CNC milling was carried out. First, the point cloud data of a given freeform surface sample manufactured by stamping were acquired by using different scanning systems, namely HandySCAN 3D 700 and ATOS Compact Scan 5M. Based on the point cloud data, the toolpaths, including roughing, semi-finishing, and fin...
  • Authors: Steve, Göring; Rakesh Rao Ramachandra, Rao; Alexander, Raake;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    In many research fields, human-annotated data plays an important role as it is used to accomplish a multitude of tasks. One such example is in the field of multimedia quality assessment where subjective annotations can be used to train or evaluate quality prediction models. Lab-based tests could be one approach to get such quality annotations. They are usually performed in well-defined and controlled environments to ensure high reliability. However, this high reliability comes at a cost of higher time consumption and costs incurred. To mitigate this, crowd or online tests could be used. Usually, online tests cover a wider range of end devices, environmental conditions, or participants...
  • Authors: Mariko, Sato; Mitsuru, Ida; Yusuke, Naito;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Postoperative death is the third leading cause of death in the world, but the quality of death after surgery has been poorly documented. This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of a questionnaire survey for the bereaved family regarding the postoperative quality of death and the impact of preoperative functional disability on the quality of death.
  • Authors: Anna, Klimowska; Evelien, Wynendaele; Bartosz, Wielgomas;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Nowadays, people are exposed to numerous man-made chemicals, many of which are ubiquitously present in our daily lives, and some of which can be hazardous to human health. Human biomonitoring plays an important role in exposure assessment, but complex exposure evaluation requires suitable tools. Therefore, routine analytical methods are needed to determine several biomarkers simultaneously. The aim of this study was to develop an analytical method for quantification and stability testing of 26 phenolic and acidic biomarkers of selected environmental pollutants (e.g., bisphenols, parabens, pesticide metabolites) in human urine. For this purpose, a solid-phase extraction coupled with ga...
  • Authors: Xiao, Xiao; Zidong, Liu;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    This paper proposes a graph-based mathematical approach with a novel metric, the Structure Evolution Degree, to quantitatively analyze urban spatial structure transitions at cross scale and verifies its effectiveness through two cases studies, the San Bartolomeo Quarter of Venice and the Xiaoxihu Historical Block of Nanjing.
  • Authors: Pan, Jianbin; Xu, Nuo; Tang, Yuyang;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    The Great Wall of China was a military facility that has been continuously built and used for over thousands of years, and is a world-renowned cultural heritage site today. The plants growing on top surface of the Great Wall caused the damage of the Great Wall, but the process of removing these plants may further damage the body of the Great Wall. In this paper, based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process and the expert Delphi method, we selected 13 specific indices from three Constraint Layer factors, and then estimated and identified 45 species/categories of plants on top surface of the Dazhuangke section of the Great Wall. The results showthe constitution and the evaluation gradeof the...
  • Authors: Bruce, Nigel; Pope, Daniel; Stanistreet, Debbi;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2008)

    Welcome to Quantitative Methods for Health Research, a study programme designed to introduce you to the knowledge and skills required to make sense of published health research, and to begin designing and carrying out studies of your own. The book is based closely on materials developed and tested over almost ten years with the Master of Public Health (MPH) programme at the University of Liverpool, UK. A key theme of our approach to teaching and learning is to ensure a reasonable level of theoretical knowledge (as this helps to provide a solid basis to knowledge), while placing at least as much emphasis on the application of theory to practice (to demonstrate what actually happ...
  • Authors: Li, Xinzhe; Wen, Zhiqiang; Cui, Lizhen;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Vegetation is a typical sensitive indicator of climate change, and therefore provides theoretical and valuable information for addressing issues arising from climate change including improving soil ecosystem services. Exploring how vegetation responses to climate change has become one of major hotspots of research. However, few scholars have performed bibliometric analyses of this field. This study investigated the current research activities and the trend developments of vegetation responses to climate change.
  • Authors: Hughes, Ciaran;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    This open access book makes quantum computing more accessible than ever before. A fast-growing field at the intersection of physics and computer science, quantum computing promises to have revolutionary capabilities far surpassing “classical” computation. Getting a grip on the science behind the hype can be tough: at its heart lies quantum mechanics, whose enigmatic concepts can be imposing for the novice. This classroom-tested textbook uses simple language, minimal math, and plenty of examples to explain the three key principles behind quantum computers: superposition, quantum measurement, and entanglement. It then goes on to explain how this quantum world opens up a whole new pa...
  • Authors: Faustino, Wahaia;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2019)

    This Edited Volume is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters, offering a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of Quantum Electronics. The book comprises single chapters authored by various researchers and edited by an expert active in the field. All chapters are complete in itself but united under a common research study topic. This publication aims at providing a thorough overview of the latest research efforts by international authors on Quantum Electronics, and open new possible research paths for further novel developments.
  • Authors: Anthony Chidi, Ezika; Emmanuel Rotimi, Sadiku; Gbolahan Joseph, Adekoya;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    With the proliferation of electronic gadgets and the internet of things comes a great need for lightweight, affordable, sustainable, and long-lasting power devices to combat the depletion of fossil fuel energy and the pollution produced by chemical energy storage. The use of high-energy-density polymer/ceramic composites is generating more curiosity for future technologies, and they require a high dielectric constant and breakdown strength. Electric percolation and Interface polarization are responsible for the high dielectric constant. To create composite dielectrics, high-conductivity ceramic particles are combined with polymers to improve the dielectric constant. In this work, tern...