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Title: Vibration analysis of auxetic laminated plate with magneto-electro-elastic face sheets subjected to blast loading
Authors: Ngo, Dinh Dat
Tran, Quoc Quan
Nguyen, Dinh Duc
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: Mathematic modeling and analytical approach are presented for nonlinear vibration analysis of laminated plate with auxetic honeycomb core and magneto-electro-elastic face sheets supported by Pasternak-type elastic foundations. The laminated plate is subjected to the simultaneous action of blast, thermal, electric and magnetic loadings. The mechanical properties of auxetic core including negative Poisson’s ratio are assumed to depend on the geometrical parameters of the unit cells and elastic modulus of original material. The volume fraction of two components of each magneto-electro-elastic face sheet is chosen equally. The nonlinear motion equations and the geometrical compatibility equation are established by using Reddy’s higher order shear deformation plate theory taking into account the coupling between elastic, electric and magnetic fields. The analytical vibration solutions for the auxetic laminated plate can be obtained by using Galerkin and fourth-order Runge – Kutta methods. The numerical results are conducted to investigate the effect of geometrical and material parameters, elastic foundations, temperature increment, magnetic and electric potentials on the vibration characteristics of the auxetic laminated plate.
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