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Title: Joint chance-constrained staffing optimization in multi-skill call centers
Authors: Tien, Thanh Dam
Thuy, Anh Ta
Tien, Mai
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This paper concerns the staffing optimization problem in multi-skill call centers. The objective is to find a minimal cost staffing solution while meeting a target level for the quality of service (QoS) to customers. We consider a staffing problem in which joint chance constraints are imposed on the QoS of the day. Our joint chance-constrained formulation is more rational capturing the correlation between different call types, as compared to separate chance-constrained versions considered in previous studies. We show that, in general, the probability functions in the joint-chance constraints display S-shaped curves, and the optimal solutions should belong to the concave regions of the curves. Thus, we propose an approach combining a heuristic phase to identify solutions lying in the concave part and a simulation-based cut generation phase to create outer-approximations of the probability functions. This allows us to find good staffing solutions satisfying the joint-chance constraints by simulation and linear programming. We test our formulation and algorithm using call center examples of up to 65 call types and 89 agent groups, which shows the benefits of our joint-chance constrained formulation and the advantage of our algorithm over standard ones
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