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Title: Application of MIMO Control Algorithm for Active Suspension System: A New Model with 5 State Variables
Authors: Manh Long Nguyen
Thi Thu Huong, Tran
Tuan Anh, Nguyen
Duc Ngoc, Nguyen
Ngoc Duyen, Dang
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: SciELO
Abstract: This paper introduces the LQR control algorithm for the active suspension system. Because the model of the vehicle dynamics used in this paper includes a hydraulic actuator, therefore, this model will include five state variables. Besides, the process of linearization of the hydraulic actuator is also shown in this paper. This is a completely novel and original method. It is possible to describe almost all the characteristics of hydraulic actuators with just one linear differential equation. Also, the parameters of the LQR controller are optimized through the in-loop optimization algorithm. The results of the research showed that the values of displacement and acceleration of the sprung mass were significantly reduced when this algorithm was used. In the investigation cases, these values usually do not exceed 2.68% and 43.00% compared to the situation of the vehicle using only a passive suspension system. Therefore, ride comfort and stability can be enhanced in many driving conditions when the active suspension system with the LQR control algorithm is used.
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