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  • Authors: Hughes, Ciaran;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    This open access book makes quantum computing more accessible than ever before. A fast-growing field at the intersection of physics and computer science, quantum computing promises to have revolutionary capabilities far surpassing “classical” computation. Getting a grip on the science behind the hype can be tough: at its heart lies quantum mechanics, whose enigmatic concepts can be imposing for the novice. This classroom-tested textbook uses simple language, minimal math, and plenty of examples to explain the three key principles behind quantum computers: superposition, quantum measurement, and entanglement. It then goes on to explain how this quantum world opens up a whole new paradigm of computing. The book bridges the gap between popular science articles and advanced text...

  • Authors: Khalil, Chaïbi; Franck, Ehooman; Bertrand, Pons;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Univariate and multivariate analysis with Cox model were used to identify risk factors associated with long-term mortality. Variables with p < 0.1 in the univariate analysis as well as those that are clinically important like severity, age and some comorbidities were included in the model. Schoenfeld residuals are presented in the supplementary appendix (Additional file 1: Figure S3) to check the proportional hazards assumption. We analyzed risk factors associated with the occurrence of WRF. In this context, we tested variables which have been reported to be potentially associated with worse renal outcomes (CKD, CCF, diabetes, age, hypertension, severity scores) [23]. We also assessed a potential association between RRT initiation strategy and WRF.

  • Authors: Junlan, Nie; Changgong, Deng; Hong, Li;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic joint disease characterized by degenerative articular cartilage changes and secondary hyperosteogeny [1], affecting 10–15% of adults over the age of 60 worldwide [2]. OA is a major cause of disability, and its incidence, which is related to sex, age, obesity, joint trauma, and other factors, is on the rise, bringing a huge economic burden to patients and society [3, 4]. The pathogenesis of OA involves a redox state imbalance leading to oxidative stress, aging, and apoptosis in chondrocytes, as well as decreased anabolism and increased catabolism of the extracellular matrix [5, 6]. After articular cartilage injury, it is mainly repaired by the proliferation and differentiation of chondrocytes. However, the proliferative capacity of chondrocytes is lim...

  • Authors: Wenshuo, Gao; Wei, Zhang; Pan, Hao; Wang, Dong;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    In this study, the incidence of migrated lumbar disc herniation was about 10.5%, and most of the patients were male. Patients with higher BMI are more likely to develop this disease. Our study confirmed that the modified classification has moderate to high confidence. During the 2-year follow-up period, 66 patients (62.9%) were treated conservatively, and the patients with conservative treatment were mainly A2 and B2 type (59.1%). Thirty-nine patients (37.1%) underwent surgical treatment. The patients recovered well after operation, and the low back pain and ODI index were significantly improved at 1 year after operation (P < 0.05). We suggest that type A1 and B1 migrated nucleus pulposus can be removed by posterior approach. For type A2, B2, C1, C2, the lateral approach is recommen...

  • Authors: Volkov, Konstantin;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2020)

    The book provides and discusses different examples from engineering, as well as where and how numerical methods contribute to more efficient simulation environments. There are 7 chapters in the book, covering different aspects of modelling and simulation in engineering and technology. In Chapter 1, a three-dimensional simulation technology for physical processes in concentric hydraulic brakes with a throttling-groove partly filled hydraulic cylinder is considered. Chapter 2 addresses the behavior of functionally graded solids under dynamic impact loading within the framework of linear elasticity using the parallel explicit algorithm. Chapter 3 discusses the case studies that revealed premature failures of stiffer elements prior to utilising the full capacity of more deformable eleme...

  • Authors: Taro, Watanabe; Koichi, Ohsugi; Yuri, Suminaga;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    The telemedicine intensive care unit (Tele-ICU) is defined as a system in which intensive care professionals remotely provide care to critically ill patients and support the on-site staff in the intensive care unit (ICU) using secured audio–video and electronic links. Although the Tele-ICU is expected to resolve the shortage of intensivists and reduce the regional disparities in intensive care resources, the efficacy has not yet been evaluated in Japan because of a lack of clinically available system.