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Title: DESMILS a decision support approach for multi-item lot sizing using interactive multiobjective optimization
Authors: Adhe, Kania
Bekir, Afsar
Kaisa, Miettinen
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: We propose a decision support approach, called DESMILS, to solve multi-item lot sizing problems with a large number of items by using single-item multiobjective lot sizing models. This approach for making lot sizing decisions considers multiple conflicting objective functions and incorporates a decision maker’s preferences to find the most preferred Pareto optimal solutions. DESMILS applies clustering, and items in one cluster are treated utilizing preferences that the decision maker has provided for a representative item of the cluster. Thus, the decision maker provides preferences to solve the single-item lot sizing problem for few items only and not for every item.
Description: CC BY
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