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Title: Utilization of sawdust composites in construction—a review
Authors: Bamidele Charles, Olaiya
Mustapha Muhammad, Lawan
Kolawole Adisa, Olonade
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This study presents the use of sawdust ash as a substitute in the production of sustainable building materials. Inappropriate dispose of wood-waste causes serious environmental problems as it results in atmospheric degradation, emissions of greenhouse gases and the destruction of aquatic and organic products. This review article combines research results from past studies into the usage of sawdust as an alternative for essential elements in construction composites. The result of this study shows that structural concrete can be manufactured with compressive strengths more than 20 MPa by replacing moderately 5–17% of the sand with sawdust or 5–15% of the cement with sawdust ash. By partially substituting sawdust that ranges between 10 and 30% of sand used in the production of blocks and bricks, sawdust blocks and bricks having compressive strengths greater than 3 MPa can be created.
Description: CC BY
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