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Title: The role of the strengthening phases on the HAZ liquation cracking in a cast Ni-based superalloy used in industrial gas turbines
Authors: Łukasz, Rakoczy
Małgorzata, Grudzień-Rakoczy
Bogdan, Rutkowski
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This work presents the influence of microstructural constituents on liquation crack formation in the cast Ni-based superalloy, René 108. The investigation was divided into three parts: characterisation of the material's microstructure in pre-weld condition, hot ductility studies and analysis of liquation cracking induced by the gas tungsten arc welding process. Using advanced electron microscopy techniques it is shown that the base material in pre-weld condition is characterised by a complex microstructure. The phases identified in René 108 include γ matrix, γ' precipitates, MC and M23C6 carbides, and M5B3 borides. Based on Gleeble testing, it was found that René 108 is characterised by high strength at elevated temperatures with a maximum of 1107 MPa at 975 °C. As a result of constitutional liquation, the superalloy’s strength and ductility were significantly reduced.
Description: CC BY
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