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dc.contributor.authorZheshuo, Zhang-
dc.contributor.authorBangji, Zhang-
dc.contributor.authorHui, Yin-
dc.descriptionCC Byvi
dc.description.abstractArticulating crane (AC), a widely used crane, plays an essential role in various industrial activities. Owing to its strong nonlinearity and uncertainty, its tracking control remains challenging, particularly for precise dynamic tracking control. This paper proposes an adaptive diffeomorphism-constraint-based control (ADCBC) for a nonlinear AC to robustly achieve trajectory tracking while guaranteeing desired dynamic control performance (DDCP), considering (possibly rapid and irregular) time-variant uncertainty with unknown bounds. A user-definable hard-limiting function was used to guarantee the DDCP, including the requirement for steady-state tracking error and dynamic convergence speed. The desired trajectories and DDCP were formulated as equality and inequality servo constraints,
dc.subjectArticulating cranevi
dc.titleConstraint-based adaptive robust tracking control of uncertain articulating crane guaranteeing desired dynamic control performancevi
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