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Title: Acoustic preliminary design of a low-noise fan stage considering a variable-area nozzle and variable-pitch rotor blades
Authors: A., Moreau
R., Schnell
M., Mennicken
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: A low-noise low-pressure ultra-high-bypass-ratio fan stage to be implemented in the next generation of aircraft engines is described and evaluated acoustically with semi-empirical and analytical methods suited for preliminary design. As expected, good reduction potentials are observed for the jet noise and fan tonal noise components when the UHBR design is compared to current fans in service. However, concerns are identified for fan broadband noise, which are attributed to the off-design operation of the UHBR fan too close from its stability limit. By unloading the fan and thus reducing the size of the rotor wakes, the variable-area nozzle provides a substantial fan broadband noise reduction with a nozzle opened by around 15% from its design value.
Description: CC BY
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