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Title: Comparative study of Eu and U sorption on cementitious materials in the presence of organic substances
Authors: Marta, Burešová
Jana Kittnerová, Kittnerová
Barbora, Drtinová
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: A comparative study of the sorption behavior of europium, a chemical analogue of trivalent actinides, and uranium was performed on hydrated cement paste (HCP) CEM I and calcium-silicate-hydrates (CSH) phase. Kinetic experiments proved that Eu sorption is faster than that of U depending on the phase ratio L/S and the sorption material, whereas EDTA has no significant effect. Same conclusions can be made for equilibrium experiments with HCP and U while with Eu EDTA clearly influenced the distribution ratio Rd with sorption reduction factor (SRF) below 0.5. Uranium sorption on CSH compared to HCP is higher with SRF above 1.2.
Description: CC BY
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