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Title: XAI4EEG: spectral and spatio-temporal explanation of deep learning-based seizure detection in EEG time series
Authors: Dominik, Raab
Andreas, Theissler
Myra, Spiliopoulou
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: In clinical practice, algorithmic predictions may seriously jeopardise patients’ health and thus are required to be validated by medical experts before a final clinical decision is met. Towards that aim, there is need to incorporate explainable artificial intelligence techniques into medical research. In the specific field of epileptic seizure detection there are several machine learning algorithms but less methods on explaining them in an interpretable way. Therefore, we introduce XAI4EEG: an application-aware approach for an explainable and hybrid deep learning-based detection of seizures in multivariate EEG time series. In XAI4EEG, we combine deep learning models and domain knowledge on seizure detection, namely (a) frequency bands, (b) location of EEG leads and (c) temporal characteristics. XAI4EEG encompasses EEG data preparation, two deep learning models and our proposed explanation module visualizing feature contributions that are obtained by two SHAP explainers, each explaining the predictions of one of the two models.
Description: CC BY
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