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Title: ClaSP: parameter-free time series segmentation
Authors: Arik, Ermshaus
Patrick, Schäfer
Ulf, Leser
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: The study of natural and human-made processes often results in long sequences of temporally-ordered values, aka time series (TS). Such processes often consist of multiple states, e.g. operating modes of a machine, such that state changes in the observed processes result in changes in the distribution of shape of the measured values. Time series segmentation (TSS) tries to find such changes in TS post-hoc to deduce changes in the data-generating process. TSS is typically approached as an unsupervised learning problem aiming at the identification of segments distinguishable by some statistical property. Current algorithms for TSS require domain-dependent hyper-parameters to be set by the user, make assumptions about the TS value distribution or the types of detectable changes which limits their applicability. Common hyper-parameters are the measure of segment homogeneity and the number of change points, which are particularly hard to tune for each data set. We present ClaSP, a novel, highly accurate, hyper-parameter-free and domain-agnostic method for TSS. ClaSP hierarchically splits a TS into two parts.
Description: CC BY
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