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Title: A human cyber-physical system for human-centered computing in seafaring
Authors: Nicole Catherine, Taylor
Karel, Kruger
Anriëtte, Bekker
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Human cyber-physical systems present an appealing platform for facilitating human-centered computing, particularly in environments where humans are required to interact with systems comprised of cyber and physical layers. Universally accepted elements of a human cyber-physical system, and interactions among these elements, do not appear to emerge in literature. To address this, a human cyber-physical system architecture is offered, led by the seafaring focus of this study. A human cyber-physical system implementation, called Mariner 4.0, for monitoring motion sickness of seafarers is presented to demonstrate the operation of a human cyber-physical system as a platform for human-centered computing. The human cyber-physical system implementation enabled the digital representation of the state of motion sickness and location of a seafarer, and conveyance of related information through a state monitor display.
Description: CC BY
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