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Title: Methods to prepare biosorbents and magnetic sorbents for water treatment: a review
Authors: Osman, Ahmed I.
Abd El-Monaem, Eman M.
Elgarahy, Ahmed M.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Access to drinkable water is becoming more and more challenging due to worldwide pollution and the cost of water treatments. Water and wastewater treatment by adsorption on solid materials is usually cheap and effective in removing contaminants, yet classical adsorbents are not sustainable because they are derived from fossil fuels, and they can induce secondary pollution. Therefore, biological sorbents made of modern biomass are increasingly studied as promising alternatives. Indeed, such biosorbents utilize biological waste that would otherwise pollute water systems, and they promote the circular economy. Here we review biosorbents, magnetic sorbents, and other cost-effective sorbents with emphasis on preparation methods, adsorbents types, adsorption mechanisms, and regeneration of spent adsorbents.
Description: CC-BY
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