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Title: Wideband ultrathin and polarization insensitive metamaterial absorber for Ku-band applications
Authors: Saadeldin, A. Samy
Sayed, Amr M.
Amr, Adnan M.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: In this paper, wideband, and ultrathin metamaterial absorber is proposed, analyzed and fabricated for Ku-band applications. The reported absorber has a nearly perfect absorptivity above 90% covering the entire Ku band (12–20 GHz) at normal incidence for both transverse electric and transverse magnetic polarization. This is due to the supported electric and magnetic resonances simultaneously. Consequently, the effective permittivity and permeability can be designed to obtain impedance matching with free space. This leads to the absorption of the entire incident energy in the metamaterial absorber. The suggested structure also shows a good absorption response (above 80%) under oblique incidence (from 0 to 50°). Therefore, the proposed absorber represents a good potential for Ku-band applications.
Description: CC-BY
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