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Title: Machine learning and computational chemistry to improve biochar fertilizers: a review
Authors: Osman, Ahmed I.
Zhang, Yubing
Lai, Zhi Ying
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Traditional fertilizers are highly inefficient, with a major loss of nutrients and associated pollution. Alternatively, biochar loaded with phosphorous is a sustainable fertilizer that improves soil structure, stores carbon in soils, and provides plant nutrients in the long run, yet most biochars are not optimal because mechanisms ruling biochar properties are poorly known. This issue can be solved by recent developments in machine learning and computational chemistry. Here we review phosphorus-loaded biochar with emphasis on computational chemistry, machine learning, organic acids, drawbacks of classical fertilizers, biochar production, phosphorus loading, and mechanisms of phosphorous release. Modeling techniques allow for deciphering the influence of individual variables on biochar, employing various supervised learning models tailored to different biochar types.
Description: CC-BY
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