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  • Authors: Trong Bien Tran;  Advisor: Tuan Hiep Tran; Yen Hai Vu; Thien Giap Le; Thao Thi Do; Nga Thi Nguyen; Thuan Thi Nguyen; Tung Bao Pham; Trung Quang Ngo; Quang Anh Luong; Chien Ngoc Nguyen;  Co-Author: - (2021)

    Ethyl cellulose (EC) is widely used in the pharmaceutical field as a polymeric excipient to fabricate sustained-release drug delivery systems. To develop a controlled release carrier exploiting the unique characteristic acidic environment of the target tumor site, this study examined the use of EC and lecithin (LC) as a nanoparticulated system. Paclitaxel and dihydroartemisinin were used as model drug combinations. The optimized formulated nanoparticles (NPs) of EC (EC NPs) and EC/LC (EC/LC NPs) were spherical and approximately 130 nm in diameter as determined by dynamic light scattering and electron microscopy analyses. The in vitro drug release from EC/LC NPs exhibited a pH-dependen...