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  • Authors: Marta, Burešová; Jana Kittnerová, Kittnerová; Barbora, Drtinová;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    A comparative study of the sorption behavior of europium, a chemical analogue of trivalent actinides, and uranium was performed on hydrated cement paste (HCP) CEM I and calcium-silicate-hydrates (CSH) phase. Kinetic experiments proved that Eu sorption is faster than that of U depending on the phase ratio L/S and the sorption material, whereas EDTA has no significant effect. Same conclusions can be made for equilibrium experiments with HCP and U while with Eu EDTA clearly influenced the distribution ratio Rd with sorption reduction factor (SRF) below 0.5. Uranium sorption on CSH compared to HCP is higher with SRF above 1.2.