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  • Authors: Lidia, Fijałkowska-Lichwa; Tadeusz A., Przylibski; Maciej, Norenberg;  Advisor: -;  Co-Author: - (2023)

    The semi-conductor SRDN-3a probe, an AlphaE detector with a silicon diode in a diffusion chamber, an AlphaGUARD monitor with an ionization chamber and CR-39 track detectors had been tested simultaneously in long-term measurements conducted in the technical corridor of Dobromierz dam. The passive detectors were exposed twice: for 56 days, and 117 days, others in parallel, with a 1-h data recording interval. The data distribution was tested with the Shapiro–Wilk test and outliers in the critical region were identified using Shewhart control charts. The correctness was evaluated by a z-score test recommended by the IAEA. The characteristics of outliers for each detectors are determined b...