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Title: A modified viscosity iterative method for implicit midpoint rule for optimization and fixed point problems in CAT(0) spaces
Authors: K. O., Aremu
C., Izuchukwu
G. N., Ogwo
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce a proximal point-type of viscosity iterative method with double implicit midpoint rule comprising of a nonexpansive mapping and the resolvents of a monotone operator and a bifunction. Furthermore, we establish that the sequence generated by our proposed algorithm converges strongly to an element in the intersection of the solution sets of monotone inclusion problem, equilibrium problem and fixed point problem for a nonexpansive mapping in complete CAT(0) spaces. In addition, we give a numerical example of our method each in a finite dimensional Euclidean space and a non-Hilbert space setting to show the applicability of our method . Our results complement many recent results in the literature.
Description: CC BY
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