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Title: Topology optimization of microwave frequency dividing multiplexers
Authors: Ahmad H., Bokhari
Emadeldeen, Hassan
Eddie, Wadbro
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: We use material-distribution-based topology optimization to design a three-port frequency dividing multiplexer at microwave frequencies. That is, by placing a good electric conductor inside the design domain, we aim to design a passive device that splits the incoming signal’s frequencies into two frequency bands and transmits them to their respective output ports. The Helmholtz equation models the time-harmonic wave propagation problem. We solve the governing equation using the finite element method. The adjoint variable method provides the required gradients, and we solve the topology optimization problem using Svanberg’s MMA algorithm. In this study, we present a technique for modeling the distribution of a good electric conductor within the design domain.
Description: CC BY
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