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Title: Optical characterizations of lightly doped (PbS)1−x Znx thin films influenced by film thickness and annealing temperature for applications in highly intensive radiation systems
Authors: Shokr, E. Kh.
Mohamed, W. S.
Adam, A. G.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: The lightly Zn-doped (PbS)1−x (Zn)x thin films were synthesized by the thermal deposition technique. The structure, morphology, and elemental analyses were carried out by XRD, SEM, and EDS, respectively, and characterised by UV–VIS–NIR spectroscopy. The optical absorption, transmission, and reflection have been studied and analysed. The linear and non-linear parameters have been determined, explained, and compared with the reported results. The effects of Zn-doping, film thickness, and annealing temperature on NLO-parameters have been considered. The better 2.78 × 10–10 and 2.93 × 10–10 esu values of the non-linear refractive index n2 and 3rd-order optical polarizability χ(3), respectively, were attained by (PbS)0.97 (Zn)0.03 film of 150 nm thick annealed at 200 °C.
Description: CC-BY
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